Anonymous asked:

I had a great day today! I finally got a B+ on a math quiz instead of a C. So I'm really happy about that. Have u ever been to Panda Express? It's a really good food place. I had that for dinner. How are you? How was your day? I hope u are doing good

WOO congrats! I’ll tell you a secret; I actually like math, there, it’s out there haha. It’s a good feeling getting a better grade on something than you’re expecting :)

I don’t believe we have Panda Express in Australia, although I do live a few blocks away from one of the best Chinese Restaurants in the state so yay.

It’s been pretty good, I should be studying but I’m playing videogames like always haha thank you for asking :)

pinkaero21 asked:

I went and captured bugs for a project today and then ate food at Bill and Ruths sandwich shop and did french homework. I also saw a cutie puppy at walmart and he was in a shopping cart :3 :3

That sounds fun omg, I havent gone bug catching since I was like 8 hahahaha